Limestone Youth Baseball Board Meeting Minutes

November 4, 2018

Members Present: Matt Lane, Adam Willard, Jason Lykins, Joel Chapman, Matt Briggs, Brandon Kleist, Bryan Newby, Dane Segler, JD Long, Ben Roberts, Mike Daxenbichler, Phil Quine, Noah Durham

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:30 by President Mike Daxenbichler
  2. Discussion was held to remove the 12u travel kids from in house Bronco League this year as the board feels removing this group would level out the competition for non-travel kids. Board voted unanimously to pull the 12 u travel team kids out of Bronco League, however, parents will be required to pay the $100 in house fee still. Families of 12u kids may receive an extra book of raffle tickets as well. Motion made by JD Long, 2nd by Bryan Newby.
  3. The Mouse Race date will be held on March 2nd at the American Legion. The Golf Outing is tentatively set for May 4th.
  4. All travel teams should stay off LCHS diamonds on May 10th and 17th.
  5. The In-House coaches meeting will be held on April 7th at LCHS.
  6. Pinto evaluations will be April 1-2.
  7. JD Long made the motion to create a 5 run per inning rule in Bronco League until the 6th inning, in which it becomes unlimited runs. Joel Chapman seconded, motion passes unanimously.
  8. Brandon Kleist made the motion to create a 1 hour 45 minute time limit for Mustang and Bronco games in the tournament, and a 1 hour 20 minute time limit in all tournament games for the Pinto League. Matt Lane would second the motion, passes 10-2, Noah Durham and Bryan Newby were nay votes
  9. 2019 BAT RULES- ALL USA BATS and WOOD ARE LEGAL. USSSA 2 ¼ are LEGAL, ALL USSSA BIG BARRELS ARE ILLEGAL. For any questions, please contact league officials
  10. 2019 League Commissioners
    1. Instructional –Matt Briggs
    2. Pinto-Matt Lane
    3. Mustang- Dan Corpus, Bryan Newby
    4. Bronco-Joel Chapman
    5. Pony- Dane Segler

2019 Board Committees

Travel League-Brandon Kleist, Jason Lykins, Bryan Newby

LYBB Travel Tourney-JD Long, Phil Quine

Finance Committee-

In House-Matt Briggs, Dan Corpus, Matt Lane

Golf Outing-Matt Briggs, Adam WIllard, Matt Lane

Mouse Race-Joel Chapman, JD Long, Noah Durham

Equipment-Adam Willard

Building and Grounds- Noah Durham

Meeting adjourned 9:00 pm.