2018 Pinto League Rules


1.  Games start promptly at 5:00 pm.

2.  Every player must bat.

3. Every player must play at least every other inning in the field each game.

4. Players may not steal any base.

5. No player will throw a batting helmet or bat intentionally.

6. There is a 5 run limit for all but the last inning of each game.

7. The coach of the team batting will pitch and umpire the game while pitching. The
League Director or League Commissioner will resolve all disputes that may arise.

8. A player will be permitted to play near the pitcher but must stay in the designated pitcher’s area until the ball is hit.

9.  The coach pitching is not allowed to field a batted ball. If a batted ball hits the coach pitching, it will be considered a dead ball and all runners must go back to their previous position and the batter must bat over. The coach must try to avoid being hit by ball.

10. No bunting is allowed.

11. A 4th outfielder is allowed (10 total players). He must play at the same depth as the other outfielders. All outfielders must be in the grass. (Unless game is played on Pony field)

12. If a ball is hit to the outfield, runners may advance until the outfielder throws the ball toward the infield. If a base runner has already rounded a base and is headed to the next base when the outfielder releases the ball they may continue to that base at their own risk.

13. No walks are allowed.

14. A player must be 6, 7, or 8 years old, but not 9 by or on April 30th.

15. A coach of the defensive team is allowed to be on the field behind the infielders to guide their team defensively. The coach must try to avoid being hit by the ball.

16. Runners shall not advance on any overthrow.

17. Games are 6 innings.  No new inning may start later than one hour after the game begins.

18. A team must have 8 players to start and finish the game or a forfeit will result. If the 9th player shows up late, he may be inserted at the end of the lineup at that time without penalty.

19. A coach of the defensive team may serve as a “back-up” catcher to speed up the game. 

20. In the event a team does not have 9 players, a player from the Instructional League only can be brought up to play. A pool of players will be given to the coaches prior to the season. However, any player from the Instructional league can play if needed.

21.  There is no time limit for the championship game during the In-House tournament.