2018 Bronco League Rules
1. All boys must attend at least 1 tryout to be drafted; any boy not trying out will be assigned by the League Board to a team after all the boys eligible for the draft are chosen.
2. An incoming son of the head coach is automatically assigned to his team. This player will be assessed at the draft by the other coaches and be given a FAIR draft grade (i.e. 1st round, 2nd round, 3rd round, etc.)

3. No assistant coaches can be selected before the draft.

4. A complete redraft of all teams will be done each year.

5. No passing is allowed in the player draft.

6. A player must be 11 or 12, but not 13 on or before April 30.

7. All boys will be drafted and/or assigned to a team.

8. If a player signs up after the draft, the League Board will assign the player to a team if openings are available.

9. No trades are allowed except on draft day.

10. Draft order will be randomly selected by drawing numbers. The draft will be in serpentine form. After the end of each odd round, the draft order will be redrawn randomly by drawing numbers.
1. A regulation game will be 6 innings except in case of rain or darkness, the game will be considered complete if 4 innings have been finished (3 1⁄2 innings if home team is ahead).

2. No new innings can begin later than 1 1⁄2 hours after the game has started. There will be no time limit during the championship game of the In-House tournament.

3. The game will be considered complete if a team is 10 runs ahead after 4 innings (3 1⁄2 innings if home team is ahead).

4. All postponed games must be played before the first game of the LYBB tournament. The league director will reschedule these games.

5. If travel tournament play interferes with regular season games, it shall be by mutual agreement of both coaches and the League Director to re-schedule the game on the next available date.

6. All catchers must wear cup and throat guard.

7. Each player must play at least every other inning in the field.

8. Free substitution is allowed. However, a player must bat in the same position in the batting lineup.

9. Every player must be entered in the batting order and must bat.

10. Bases shall be 70 feet apart.

11. Home team is responsible for putting the scores on the scoreboard after the home half of each inning.

12. A team must have 8 players to start and finish the game or a forfeit will result. If the 9th player shows up late, he may be inserted at the bottom of the lineup with no penalty.

13. Leading off and stealing is permitted.

14. No player shall intentionally throw a bat or helmet.

15. In the event a team does not have 9 players, a player from the Mustang League only can be brought up to play. A pool of players will be given to the coaches prior to the season. However, any player from the Mustang League can play if needed.

16.  Runners may not score on a passed ball or wild pitch.  Runners may advance from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd on a passed ball or wild pitch at their own risk.
17.  A batter is out after the third strike is called.  If it is a passed ball or wild pith, the batter is still out.  (NO Drop third strike)
18.  No runner shall steal home.
19.  If an attempt is made on a player stealing third and the ball gets away, the player may advance home at their own risk.
1. See the detailed pitching guidelines provided in a separate document.

--The League Commissioner will contact each In-House coach prior to each week’s In-House games to let them know how many innings the Travel Players will be allowed to pitch. Innings limits run Friday-Thursday.

2. A pitcher may not return to the mound after he is removed.

3. No intentional walks will be allowed.

4. Before the season starts, the coaches for the A and B travel teams will notify the league commissioner who their top 2 pitchers will be. These pitchers will only be allowed to pitch 2 innings per week during In-House game. This includes the In-House tournament. In addition to this rule, those pitchers are not allowed to pitch on Mondays.

5. Pitcher’s rubber shall be 48 feet from home plate.

6. A balk will be called after the first warning for each pitcher that pitches the game.