Pony League Rules 13,14, & 15 Year Olds
1. An incoming son of a coach is automatically assigned to his team.
2. There is no protection for an assistant coach’s son.
3. A complete redraft of all teams will be done each year.
4. No passing is allowed in the player draft.
5. All boys must attend at least 1 tryout to be drafted. If a boy does not attend a tryout, the League Board will assign the player to a team after all other eligible players are drafted.
6. A player must me 13, 14, or 15, but not 16 on or before April 30.
7. All boys will be drafted or assigned to a team. If a player signs up late, the League Board will assign them to a team if openings are available.
1. Games will be 6 innings. No inning may start later than 1 1/2 hours after the actual starting time.
2. A team must have 8 players to start and finish the game or a forfeit will result.
3. No trades are allowed except on draft day.
4. All postponed games must be played before the first game of the LYBL tournament. The league director will reschedule these games.
5. The 10-run rule will apply after 4 innings – 3 ½ innings if the home team is ahead.
6. In case of rain or darkness, it is a regulation game if 4 innings have been played – 3 /2 innings if the home team is ahead.
7. High school rules will apply unless otherwise stated.
8. All catchers must wear a cup and a throat guard.
9. No steel spikes are allowed.
10. Every player must bat. Example: If 12 players show up for the game, all 12 players must be entered in the batting order.
11. Free substitutions are allowed. However, a player must bat in the same position in the batting order at all times.
12. No player shall intentionally throw a bat or helmet.
13. Every player must play every other inning in the field.
Pitching Rules:
1. See the detailed pitching guidelines provided in a separate document.
2. A pitcher may not return to the mound after being removed as pitcher.
3. A balk will be called after the first warning for each pitcher that pitches the game.
4. The pitching rubber will be 54 feet from home plate.